Cranes software for MFC /System /Graphics programming with UNICODE

The Company I am talking about is CMM Level 5 company Cranes Software , Bangalore

About Company:

Technological progress can largely be credited to the dedicated efforts of scientists and engineers worldwide whose accumulation and inventive application of knowledge has created immense intellectual assets from which we all benefit everyday. Therefore, it is imperative to provide our scientists and engineers with an environment that is conducive to their innovative pursuits

At Cranes Software, we have dedicated ourselves to this cause, either by providing proprietary solutions or by partnering with leaders in this field. We have developed software tools, specifically designed for scientists and engineers enabling them to discover and build, invent and innovate newer technologies. We have also created a robust pipeline that can reach the global technical community with effectiveness and impact. This has been made possible by leveraging our deep domain knowledge of this niche market.

Today, Cranes Software International Ltd. is a global corporation offering scientific and engineering products and solutions to clients worldwide. The Company has its presence in 39 countries across the world and has a customer base of more than 350,000.


Position 1 :-

MFC and Image analysis/DirectX programming with 2+ years of experience in relevant areas.

Position 2: -

MFC /System /Graphics programming with UNICODE conversion experience with 2+ years of experience.

Exp: 2-3 yrs

Location: Bangalore

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