job opening with Honeywell,Bangalore for VC++ Professionals!!!

Skills Required:

University degree in Engineering (Computers or Electronics or Electronics & Telecommunications or Instrumentation)
Relevant experience of 2-3 years in the relevant platform.
Software Concepts including VC++, COM/COM+, ATL framework, OOP concepts, Databases
Ability to understand/use advanced compiler settings, Ability to use memory leak tools, code coverage tools under IDE environment. Ability to use advanced debug features. Has hands on experience in debugging applications with multiple threads/components. Knowledge of make file “
Hands-on-Experience of following windows programming concepts
Windows Messaging
Window classes/registering
GDI 4. DLL Development / Usage
IPC Mechanisms
Multithreading and Syncronization etc.
Sokect Programming and serial communication
Hands-on xperience
Document/view architecture
ODBC, DAO, ADO Classes/Interfaces
DLL/LIB development
Mutithreading & Synchronization classes
MFC Exception handling
List Classes (Cstring List, Object List etc.) etc.”
Hands-on xperience in usage and development of COM/ActiveX components. Should be atleast Beginner in OO Analysis & Design competency “Knowledge on different compilers of C++ Memory management (Heap/Stack) Usage of Template Classes” , In-depth knowledge about following VC++ tools usage(Process Viewer, SPY++, Performance Moniter). Should have awareness about performance profiling tools “Managing & Guiding others on 1. MFC Internals 2. MFC exception handling internals etc 3. Intergating Help file with application 4. Benchmark/optimize MFC applications on multiple platforms” 5.Software dependencies, platform knowledge Win32, TCP/IP, Serial Communications, Device Communications Protocols (desirable).
Knowledge of SEI CMM guidelines & ability to deploy them within the project team.
Knowledge of “Primary flight instruments theory of operation Avionics systems (Displays, FMS, INS, Communication Systems, Safety systems, landing systems)”
Strong English Language Capability

If this interests you kindly get back to me with your updated cv along with the salary details. Kindly refer me ur friends whoever is interested in this opening.
If it doesn't suits your profile kindly ignore this mail.

Thanks and Regards,
Sonyo Consultants,
Ph: 25630374/75/80

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