Post Graduate Diploma in IPR and Patent Law

Post Graduate Diploma in IPR and Patent Law
The Globalization and the rapid proliferation of technology, coupled with the intangible nature of intellectual property create challenges for those businesses wishing to protect their inventions and technological breakthroughs, brands, and business methods in domestic and foreign markets. With this spurt in the R&D activity, the number of patents being filed internationally and in India has also gone up. The filing and litigation in other IPs, such as Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs etc. is also rising. The main objective of this one year Post Graduate Diploma program is to equip participants with knowledge of various forms of Intellectual Property Rights and to create specific technical, legal and management skills related to protection, infringement and commercialization of respective Intellectual Property Right.
National Law University, Delhi, established in 2008 by Act No.1 of 2008 of National Capital Territory of Delhi and with the initiative of High Court of Delhi is a premier Law University.
Admission Requirements
● Graduates / Post Graduates / PhDs of science, biosciences, pharmacy, IT,
   engineering or legal studies
● Practising Professionals, lawyers, scientists, etc.
● Domain Experts, Inventors, Researchers, and Professionals dealing with IP and
   Patents issues
● Undergraduate (final year) students of legal, science, engineering are also eligible
   to apply.
Hughes & the Partner Institute reserves the right to foreclose applications depending on availability of seats

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