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Intel® Software Development Products announces the launch of Intel® Parallel Studio and its Technology Club that brings comprehensive parallelism knowhow to C/C++ Microsoft Visual Studio* application developers.

Created in direct response to the concerns of software industry leaders and developers, Intel® Parallel Studio makes parallelism easier and more viable than ever before. Right from the way the products work together to support the development lifecycle, to their unique feature sets.

The tools are designed, so those new to parallelism, can learn as they go; and experienced parallel programmers can work more efficiently, and with more confidence.

Now you have the opportunity to experience the advantages of this phenomenon, first hand! Through the Intel® Parallel Programming and Multi-Core Club you will get access to technical information, tools, product information, conversations, and support from industry experts along with all the exciting updates about parallelism in India.
The benefits of joining the Intel® Parallel Program and Multi-Core Club will be unparalleled. You will get a chance to:
  • Enjoy free access to Intel® sponsored and hosted webinars, Online TechSeminars
  • Have free access to Intel® hosted LIVE events like multi-city Intel® Software Seminars, Intel® Parallel Tech workshops, hands on labs etc
  • Have free access to evaluation software, trial versions of upcoming products
  • Participate in threading champion challenges, coder idol contests and win fantastic prizes by participating in various exciting programs like best code question, software developer of the month, best blog on parallelism etc.
The next time you’re looking for a website or program to access the latest and greatest on the tools for parallelizing your code or a way to best develop parallel programs and multi-threaded applications on Multi-Core and Multi-Processor platforms, look no further!

We’re waiting to welcome you to the Parallel universe. What are you waiting for?

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