I am Tulika and I represent Quadrangle, Delhi. This is to inform you about an excellent job opportunity with ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND...The details are as follows: Application Packager IDC/ INF-PK-066

Job Description
Application Packaging is all about taking the basic files and registry entries that make up an application and turning them into something that can be installed automatically, placing all the files where they need to be and setting up permissions and registry entries. An application package should install silently in the background and not interrupt a user from their work. There are a few ways to create an Application Package but in GBM we use the MSI standard (Microsoft Software Installation). We also have strict guidelines and best practices on how we create and edit MSIs. All the information about how an application installs and it s configuration will be provided and the packages that are created are checked for errors by a senior packager. Each piece of work is represented in a web based work flow system where the packager verifies that each step of the packaging process has been done and then passes the job onto the next stage.

RequirementsEssential Experience
1 year s experience of creating and editing MSI packaged applications. The Microsoft Software Installation (MSI) package file makes up one part of the Windows Installer technology and the client-side installer service (Msiexec.exe) completes the combination. Windows Installer uses information contained in a package file to install the program. Each MSI package file contains a relational-type database that stores instructions and data required to install (and remove) the program across many installation scenarios. Windows Installer is not just an installation program; it is an extensible software management system. Windows Installer manages the installation of software, manages the additions and deletions of software components, monitors file resiliency, and maintains basic disaster recovery by using rollbacks.
Good knowledge of Macrovision Admin Studio products v5.0 and above or WISE Package Studio. (Including the use of the Admin Studio s Conflict Solver, which gives application packagers everything needed to prepare conflict-free, reliable software packages for deployment. AdminStudio lets you test your applications and patches for conflicts against any application and operating system before you deploy. Depending on the conflict, AdminStudio either instantly corrects it or helps you fix it.)
Good knowledge of Microsoft ORCA, which is a Microsoft utility for modifying and validating Windows Installer packages. It is a database tool intended for application packagers that work with the Windows Installer Service. Preferable but not essential
A good understanding of the Microsoft Active Directory OU and Group structure and the use of Active Directory Users and Computers for adding machines to groups, nesting groups and general group management.
Some experience of Microsoft SMS 2003 in creating query based collections, packages with programs and advertisements as part of the application publishing process.
Applicable to all staff
General : Ensure the business area conducts its activity in accordance with all relevant external regulators and RBSFM policies.
Compliance : Ensure compliance with the regulatory and statutory requirements and RBSFM compliance policies and procedures affecting the business area. Report any breaches of regulations to Legal and Compliance.
Risk Management : Ensure the business unit operates in accordance with stipulated risk management policies and procedures, covering market risk, credit risk and operational risk. Ensure failures and shortcomings in policies and procedures are reported. Applicable to Managerial Staff Only

Responsibilities Creating and editing MSI packaged applications using Macrovision Admin Studio which is an industry standard packaging tool.
Follow the packaging and deployment process in GBM according to our training and online documentation.
Adhere to the documented GBM application packaging standards
Help the support staff to troubleshoot why applications aren t working and offer solutions where applicable.

The IndividualTechnical Knowledge of application packaging and deployment technologies. Other
Achieving Excellence 2
Influencing 1
Inspiring 1
Communicating 1
Building Understanding and Trust 1
Developing People 1
Collaborating for Success 2
Gathering Information 2
Understanding Issues 2
Finding Solutions 2

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