Save 27% On 2 Year Dell PC Protection Renewal


Help keep your Dell™ PC clean. Take advantage of this limited-time offer to renew your McAfee SecurityCenter coverage and save a whopping 27%. That’s two years of knowing your valuable computer—and everything stored on it—is safeguarded from the latest viruses, hacker threats and identity theft dangers.

Your protection is also backed by McAfee Labs™: hundreds of researchers and engineers around the world, working nonstop to detect the latest hazards and keep your coverage up to date. In fact, we’re so up to date that our exclusive McAfee Active Protection™ technology detects and blocks new online threats in just milliseconds.

Stay safe now and in the future with powerful SecurityCenter. Don’t wait, because this special two-year offer expires 18 January 2010.

Risk-Free Renewal: 30-day, 100% refund policy—you can cancel your subscription online without having to hunt for receipts or drive to the store.
Other SecurityCenter options:

McAfee SecurityCenter
Developed Specifically for your Dell PC
Your protection maximizes security, speed and seamless operation on your Dell PC.

McAfee Active Protection
Provides the fastest protection against malicious threats to your PC. New threats
are analyzed and blocked in milliseconds, rather than hours.

Quick Scan
Checks for threats in the areas of your computer that are attacked most often.

Faster Performance
Runs faster and more efficiently during startup, shutdown and scanning. SecurityCenter also works silently in the background without interrupting activities
or slowing down your PC.

Age-appropriate Searching
Automatically sets the proper content
filtering levels of popular search engines.

Enterprise-class Anti-spam
Powerful industry-grade protection helps keep your inbox free from fraudulent and offensive spam and phishing emails.

Stops Viruses
Automatically blocks, cleans, and removes viruses so you can safely surf the web and download files.

Safe Search and Surf
Helps you avoid potentially dangerous websites with color-coded alerts from McAfee SiteAdvisor

Secures Your Identity
Guards your online identity so you can shop, bank, email and send and receive instant messages without worry.

Blocks Spyware
Intercepts spyware before it installs on your computer and removes existing spyware.

Please note: Some users may be required to reinstall after purchase to take advantage of new product features.

† malware detection results published in ComputerBild magazine (Issues 18-22, 17/8/09 - 10/10/09)

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