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Hello Sumedh,

We've extended the time frame on this special offer until today in case you didn't get the chance to lock in your 2010 pricing.

Upgrade your membership today to get the best possible value for Spoke over the next year.  When you do you'll have access to a rich feature set including:

  • 10 SpokeMails per month - directly reach any of the profiles found in Spoke via email
  • Access to Spoke Lists - organize, store and manage lists of  business people in Spoke to optimize your professional networking business development processes
  • Quadrupled Viewable Results - see more search results per search for faster opportunity generation and Spoke List creation
  • Spoke Toolbar for Outlook - automatically build your network in Spoke, manage existing relationships with useful communicaiton statistics and tools, and keep your Outlook Contacts Folder updated automatically with the latest  information from the Spoke community

Normally the Professional Connector membership starts at $25.95 per month or $149.95 for annual access.  Take advantage of this reward today and you'll get the Professional Connector package for only $99.95 for a year.

 Today is the last day on this special offer.  Don't miss your chance... 

Upgrade your Spoke membership today!

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