Workshop on Disaster Recovery at Bangalore


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A One-day workshop on
Disaster Recovery (DR) :

Practical IT Approach in Implementing Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

@ Bangalore
Date: Thursday, 28th May 2009

KnowledgeWorks IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd., partners with Continuity Labs Inc., USA to offer training and consulting services on Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning. As a first step, we are glad to announce a 1 day workshop on Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP).


Business entities are challenged by many factors and organizations successes are not measured only by its financials and brand equity. Instead its ability to cope with undesired events and resilience it has built within to sustain them. Organizations are working towards adopting measures for unforeseen situations such as viruses, terrorist threats, cyber crimes and occurrence of natural mind calamities such as Tsunami, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.


Putting together a BCP or DR Plan is just the beginning for any practical Enterprise Disaster Recovery. Even the best Disaster Recovery Plans are going out of sync with the ground realities at the Datacenter. A successful deployment involves planning, architecting and implementing a solution that meets the business objectives across different applications in constantly changing IT environments and guarantees the recovery anytime and every time

Faculty Profile: Raja Vonna

Raja Vonna has around 18 years of experience in the field of Disaster Recovery and Data protection and having executed various enterprise deployments in India & US. He is a seasoned Entrepreneur and DR Expert, who successfully built enterprise DR and Data Protection products and solutions from ground up. With four US patents in storage and networking technologies, he has in-depth knowledge in storage, networking, databases and replication technologies.


Workshop Contents
• Introduction to Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR)
• DR planning and developing an effective plan
• Architecting the right solution to meet the DR objectives
• Successful deployment of DR solution across all the applications in a short time
• Unified Management of DR solution for operational simplicity in a changing IT environment
• DR Drills and best practices
• Auditing a DR solution for continuous improvement
• Trends, Technologies & Future Directions in Disaster Recovery

Detailed Outline

DR Facts and Figures:

• Hardware or system failure accounts for 78% of all data loss

• Human error accounts for 11% of all data loss

• Software corruption accounts for 7% of all data loss

• Natural disasters account for only 1% of all data loss.

• 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control.

• Approximately 27% of enterprises do not have a recovery site in the event of data center site failure;

• 23% of enterprises never test their disaster recovery plans.

• Eight Years After 9/11, Most Firms Are Not Ready with Disaster Recovery Plans.




147, Infantry Road,

Bangalore – 560001

OPP : Police Commissioner Office

Ph: 22356000-05


Date: Thursday 28th May 09

Time:   9:00 am to 5:30 pm


For any clarifications, Please contact:

Mr. Chinmaya Patil

M: +91 98860-77575

T: +91 80 41533451


How confident are you that your DR plan works? Does your application recovery meet the business RPO / RTO objectives, whatever the threats?

Do you know that major cause (58%) of why a DR test failed was accounted to people related issues—lack of training, skills and execution?

About this Workshop:

Presented by professionals with years of experience in deploying large enterprise disaster recovery solutions across different verticals, this workshop aims to provide insight into comprehensive approach to building a successful Enterprise DR Solutions by adopting global best practices and standards.


Who should attend?

This workshop empowers people from myriad organizations across diverse industry segments to make informed Disaster Recovery investment decisions, make IT solutions work to their business advantage and ensure these investments work when they are required the most. These programs are targeted at:

• CIOs, CTOs and Senior IT Management

• IT/Application Architects / Specialists, BCP/DR specialists / planners / Auditors


Following this workshop you will:

• Gain strong insights into the basic concepts, terminologies and technologies in DR/BC, practical applications and usage of DR/BC strategies and products, overview of the market trends and technology trends

• Take an integrated approach to planning a comprehensive BC and DR program, understand the interleaving of the technological, business, financial and operational complexities involved, learn about the framework, tools, best practices and methodologies that can work for your organization

• Review different architectures, technologies and customer case studies. Learn how to identify, translate business requirements into architectural blue prints that meet the needs of today and scale to support the future. Understand how to make right IT investments underlying DR technologies, namely, network, replication, database and applications

• Know how to operationally centralize your availability management and Drills, how to monitor recovery readiness and vital DR metrics in real time


Fee Details: Rs. 6,000.00 + 10.3% Service Tax, Per Participant



Early Bird Discounts  :: Confirm with advance payment by 18th May 09 to avail 8% discount


Group Discount: Confirm with advance payment before 18th May 09 for 3 or more participants to avail 10% discount.

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