Requirements of HP Bangalore (STSD & Procurve group's).........

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Dear Sumedh,


Good Day Ahead�.:)

I am Rani a Information Technology consultant come preferred vendor to almost 250 clients in INDIA....working with Techpoint Solutions�

Please have a look at all the JDs� I hold and do keep me posted on any lead you feel can add to my Bread Butter��.

�If a drop of water falls in a lake, there is no identity.
But if it falls on a leaf of lotus, it shines like a pearl.
We need to choose the best place where we can shine".


requirements of HP Bangalore (STSD & Procurve group)

C or C++ with Unix Internals � Experience 5 � 10 yrs (IC Role) STSD Group
Java NMS/SNMP (Networking) - Experience 4 � 9 yrs (IC Role) Procurve Group
L2/L3 Development - Experience 4 � 12 yrs (IC Role) Procurve Group
L2/L3 Testing (Automation � TCL/TK (or) Perl (or) Shell (or) Expect ) � Experience 3 � 8 yrs (IC Role) Procurve Group
L2/L3 Testing (Manual) � Experience 3 � 8 yrs (IC Role) Procurve Group
L2/L3 Testing (Automation � TCL/TK (or) Perl (or) Shell (or) Expect ) � Experience 9 � 13 yrs (Tech Lead) Procurve Group
Database Internals Development � Experience 2- 11 yrs (IC Role) STSD Group
Network Admin (Unix) - Experience 7 � 9 yrs (IC Role) STSD Group

Even if you are not interested would be very thankful if can have some references or sharing this mail with your friends, colleagues�.

Who knows which place of world are you in tomorrow�

Referring someone may give them a better career and a better life to a consultant....:) Hope to have a support form your end....

NOTE: Who ever wants to keep the confidentiality of the profile please do mention in the mail, will not submit till I have confirmation from you for the respective client...:)
I assure you the confidentiality as I can not go against my Bread & Butter.....:)

Awaiting your reply�.


Rani M

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