Job Alert!!!

Virgin Group PLC (UK)
Human Resource Department
Crawley Business Quarter,
Manor Royal,Crawley West Sussex,
RH10 9NU.

Could you be the right person for this job offer? What if our judgment
Was wrong? You might want to try your hands on it but unfortunately we
are only looking for professionals with exceptional expertise, highly
spirited individuals who are ready to take up a rewarding challenges in
the air and aviation industry.

VG, a well established and reputable all round company with rapidly
growing wide network of outlets around the world, seeks to attract
resourceful individuals craving for a refreshing opportunity yet
characteristically possesses the skill and uprightness to excellently
deliver amidst limited assistance.

Consultant Position
Cabin Crew
Marketing Field
Medical and health care field
Engineering and structural Sector
Wedding and Heavy Fabrications
Human Resources Officer
Account Executive
Computer and IT Analytical Sector
Cleaning and Security Department
Call Centre Operators and many more....

New virgin outlets opened around England and Australia
Check out our career site for more information:

All interested candidates should reply via mail with updated Resumes (CV),
Only applicants who possess the required qualifications will be
Short-listed hence consequently contacted.

All Resumes should be forwarded to:

Mr. Tony Edwards,
Human Resource Department
Recruitment Section
London (UK).

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