Urgent opening with Leader in CDMA wirelss handsets -L oking for Tech Lead/SSE; skills in Win32SDK,MFC,COM,C#,.Net,OOAD, UML.

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Dear Sumedh,

Let me introduce myself as Sandeep from Concorde Management Consultants, a professional Search Firm with offices in Bangalore and Delhi. We focused on providing IT /Telecom / Hardware Design/ Networking resource solutions to some of the TOP Semiconductor product companies. We have great opportunity to work with a leading Product Development company - Leaders in CDMA - KYOCERA WIRLESS for their R&D Centre in Bangalore.
(A)Designation: Teach Lead

Job Description
Drive Architecture, Design & Implementation of windows Applications, Provide technical leadership & management for a team of 6-8 members Delivery responsibility for the projects owned
Primary Skills
5-6 Yrs working experience with Analysis, Design & implementation of Object Oriented & Component-based Applications
Real delivery experience using VC++(Win32&MFC),COM(MFC/ATL),Microsoft.Net framework(C#, Winforms),UML
Implementation experience in assessing staff skill levels, prioritizing work & assigning it appropriately, directing team in specific project activities, estimation & facilitating career development
Ability to enforce in software development, must have a keen eye for detail & passion for excellence
Implementation experience of Quality Processes(ISO/CMMI/Agile) at a team Level
Experience: 5-6 Years ; Qualification: BE/MCA

(B) Designation: Senior Engineer, Software
Job Description
Interpret requirements,design,coding,unit & Integration Testing & Debugging Windows Application Software

Primary Skills
Windows application development-Win32SDK(Software Development Kit)
MFC,COM-1 + yrs Programming knowledge of C# & Microsoft.Net framework
Knowledge of OOAD & UML

Experience: 3-4 Years ; Qualification: BE/MCA

Kindly send me your profile with following details:
1.Current salary / Expected Salary
2. Joining time period reqd
3. Bangalore OK with you
4. Have you ever been interviewed / applied to KYOCERA earlier ? If yes, when?
If you are interested Pls fill this form
Personal Details:

Reason for Movement

Current CTC
Technology Theory (T)
/Practical (P) Months of work experience Rating
(1 -10)
Win32 SDK
C# & .NET Framework
Tech Skills (Underline/Highlight if candidate mentions any of these)

Windows Programming Question: Have you developed the following types of applications?
Dialog Based Application, SDI Application, MDI Application

Expected Answer: [Yes] [No] for each of them.
Standard Controls Question: Please mention some Standard Windows Controls you have used or know about.

Expected Answer: Button, Edit Box, Combo box, Group Box, Check Box, Radio Button, Scroll Bar, List box, List View, Picture, Date-Time, Static Text, Progress bar, Status Bar, Property Grid, Data Grid, Menu, Tree Control
Custom Controls Question: Have you developed Custom Controls? [Yes] [No]
If [No] ask �Do you know how to create Custom Controls?� [Yes] [No]
Windows Libraries Question: Have you developed the following types of Windows libraries - Static Link Library, Dynamic Link Library? [Yes] [No]
Collections Question: Name some data structures and collection classes you know about.
Expected Answer: Array, List, Vector, Stack, Map, Queue, HashTable, Dictionary
Multi-threading Question: Have you developed Multi-threaded applications? [Yes] [No] If [No], ask � �Do you know the theory of Multi-threading?�
Synchronization Question: Name some Synchronization primitives you have used or know about.
Expected Answer: Critical Section, Mutex, Semaphone, Events
File Handling Question: Do you know how to read & write files in Win32 SDK & MFC? [Yes] [No]
Registry Question: Do you know how to read & write to Registry? [Yes] [No]
Sockets Question: Do you know Socket Programming? [Yes] [No]
COM Question: Have you developed COM Client or Server? [Yes] [No]
If [No], ask � �Do you know theory of COM (Component Object Model)?�
ATL Question: Do you know about ATL? (ActiveX Template Library) [Yes] [No]
OOAD Question: Do you know Object Oriented Analysis & Design? [Yes] [No].
If [Yes] ask � �Can you name some concepts used in OOAD?�

Answers: Encapsulation, Generalization, Polymorphism, Realization, Association
UML Question: Can you name some UML Diagrams that you know about.
Expected Answer: Use-case diagram, Class diagram, Sequence diagram, Activity diagram, Interaction diagram, Deployment diagram

Question: Have you used any UML Tools?
Expected Answer: Rational Rose, Argo UML, Visio
.NET Framework Only if candidate has worked with .NET framework,

Question: Can you name some .NET framework Namespaces that you have used?
Answers: Microsoft.CSharp, Microsoft.Win32, System.Collections, System.Configuration, System.Data, System.IO, System.NET, System.Reflection, System.Threading, System.Web, System.Windows.Forms
Project Role
Project Requirements Coding Design Unit Testing Integration System
Testing Documentation
What phases of a project have you participated in?       

Work Content


In case you are not interested. I would really appreciate if you can give me contact details of your friends, colleauge and acquaintances who you think can might benfit from this opportunity. If you like your name remain confidentail.
About Kyocera Wireless India (KWI)
Kyocera Wireless is a leading product development company, engaged in the development of CDMA wirelss handsets.They are leaders in CDMA and have some of the best R&D centers on wireless technology.
The India R&D centre was established in 2003 and has grown to a strength of 700 employees today. It is involved in Software Engineering, Product Testing and R&D.
Core technology areas include: Next Generation Mobile Networks, iBurst and PHS.
KWI's strong engineering team is complemented by KWC sales group that has provided handsets to India's four largest CDMA carriers: Reliance, Tata Teleservices, BSNL, and MTNL. Kyocera also assembles phones in India through a partnership with XL Telecom

Sandeep Dw.
Resource Executive - Technical
Concorde Management Consultants
75 - 76, First Floor, Adhchini , Sri Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi -110017 , Office contact : 91-11-42737350 / 332

*** When you look for the GOOD in others, you discover the BEST in
yourself...! ***

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