Openings with Microsoft IDC-Hyd Event in Pune at 8th Nov

Openings in Microsoft IDC-Hyderabad and Reg the Groups you can go thru

We have Openings for (Director,  Group Program Manager, Lead Program Manager, Program
Manager  Development Manager, Architect, Project Manager, Lead, Test Lead /
Test Manager, Software Development Engineer, Lead Engineer)

Requirements with Microsoft:
Product Development professionals - Strong in C or C++, any domain : Embedded, Telecom, Datacom.
Device Driver Developers: Windows/ Linux/ Embedded, with strong knowledge in C or C++ Development and Testing. Routing Protocols (Datacom), Telecom Protocols (VOIP, SIP, 3G, UMTS) Linux Device Driver, Kernel, Internals,Symbian, Java, J2ME, Mobile Application Development,

If interested please send your updated profile, along with the following
- Have you ever applied/ interacted with Microsoft Earlier? If yes When?
- How long its been since you have stopped working on C/ C++/ Any high level
- Can you rate yourself in C/ C++ give a scale of 10 (10 being highest)?
- Do you have any constraint relocating to Hyderabad?
We would really appreciate if you can refer or forward this mail to your
friends or colleagues who might be interested in the openings.

Please send me your updated word resume.
a) Full name
(abbrevated) :
b) Current & Expected Salary:
c) Timeframe to join :
d) Locational preferences ( the places specifically) :
e) References (plz. mention E-mail Ids / Phone numbers) :
Full postal address for correspondence

Please also fill up below questionaire:

What Languages do you know - C/C++/Java/C#/Symbian?

Have you written code in this language?

How many lines of code have u written for the past 6 months ?

Would appreciate your quickest response in this regard.

Have a nice time

Signon Solutions Pvt Ltd



Microsoft Groups :

Unified Communications (UCOM)

Introduction and overview

Live Meeting
With the world becoming a smaller place and businesses becoming complex and
inter-related, there is an ever growing need for fast communication and
collaboration across geographically diverse locations. The UC Collab
Services group at MSIDC is focused on hosted services that address this
need. The group is currently working on Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007,
a hosted service for web conferencing and collaboration that includes
desktop sharing, application sharing, document sharing, audio/video
conferencing, e-learning infrastructure and recording among other features.
The amazing real-time capability is built using a variety of technologies
including VoIP, SIP, RPC, Distributed Objects, Web services, SQL on .Net,
Java, and C++. Several of the key components and features of Microsoft
Office Live Meeting 2007 - to be released soon - have been designed and
developed out of this group in MSIDC.

Microsoft Phone Experience Software
The Microsoft Phone Experience team at MSIDC focuses on designing and
developing the software for the yet-to-be-released Microsoft Ethernet IP
desk phone. Microsoft is providing the device manufacturers with design
specifications and software that connects the workplace phone to e-mail,
instant messaging, real-time presence information, conferencing, voice over
Internet Protocol (VoIP) and mobile communications.

Microsoft Phone Experience is designed to address the following user pain

.    Communications chaos
.    Phone tag, voice mail jail, E-mail overload
.    Too many devices, too little time
.    Progressive ID and simple operation

Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile

Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile (CoMo) is the Windows Mobile client of
Office Communication Server developed with vision of extending the reach of
the Microsoft Unified Communications solution to the information worker on
the move thereby making presence aware collaboration truly ubiquitous.

Communicator Mobile 1.0 (CoMo) was the first enterprise grade communications
software for the mobile device, integrating presence, search and VoIP on a
mobile device for the enterprise segment.

Product details
Today, the CoMo team at MSIDC is responsible for end-to-end product
ownership including Product roadmap and high level feature definition,
solution architecture definition, implementation & support to release
management and marketing teams.

Visual Studio for Devices or VSD ( Dev Tools Group) (VSIDC)

                        MSIDC owns end-to-end delivery of the industry
leading Visual Studio for Devices product targeted at Mobile developers. It
enables them to develop applications and services for Microsoft's Mobile and
Embedded Operating Systems, namely Windows Mobile and Windows CE. Developers
get the full slew of features such as .netCF framework, SQL Mobile Database,
fully integrated emulator, debugger and other IDE features with this product
in an integrated developer environment. We had shipped this product with
Visual Studio 2005 and currently working on its next version now publicly
named Visual Studio 2008.


      MSIDC owns end-to- end development and delivery of JScript, which is
the universal and most heavily used dynamic language by Web developers. With
the advent of AJAX programming stack and Web 2.0, JScript is being used by
the developers in ways never thought possible. This is providing us with new
challenges and opportunities to massively innovate in this rapidly evolving
space. Our group provides this language implementation to the IE browser,
authoring services to our Visual Web Developer product as well as a full
suite of tools for Web developers. We recently demonstrated a version of
Jscript which works with Microsoft Silverlight in a managed environment. Our
Jscript group also represents Microsoft at the ECMA standards body where the
future versions of this language are defined. We had shipped an updated
JScript version with IE 7 last year and now working on a major update for
the next version of IE browser.



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