Fwd:Excellent opening at EAFT technologies

Dear Candidates ,

Greetings from IRTPL.

There is an excellent opening at EAFT Technologies,Bangalore

About the company

EAFT Technologies is a start-up based in Bangalore working on exciting
products for home networking and converging digital home entertainment market.
Currently, it has received angel investment and discussions are going on with
the VCs for the next level of funding. Each of the promoters of this startup have
twenty plus years of experience in the industry having worked for MNCs in senior
management/ technology expert roles earlier in their careers.

The products to be developed by EAFT will offer improved experience to users who want to seamlessly access, view, transfer and share digital audio/video content across a range of devices like TV, PC, MP3 players, Digital camera, mobile devices ..etc. Besides,it will also enable remote access( eg., from in vehicle entertainment systems) to home based digital media content. With the proliferation of broadband access(DSL) and growing adoption of new distribution media such as WiFi(802.11x, 802..11n ..etc) /WiMax and Wireless3G users would prefer a tether less, anywhere and anytime access to stored digital audio/video content.

EAFT will develop software for digital media players/adapters, device, content and rights management.

EAFT will also partner other technology vendors in developing/
customizing application /protocol stacks and digital media solutions for
enterprise/entertainment market.

Requirements are: VC++ and COM

Work Experience :2 - 4years.

Looking for a candidates who are ready to join in 15 days

If you are interested please send your resumes to


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