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Skill requirement
UMTS Testing Senior Software Engineers (Testing) / Team Leaders (Testing) with 3 to 6 years experience-UMTS Testing
Mandatory Skills:
Candidate need to be very strong on at least one of these areas, and strong on the others.
UMTS CS Call Processing on UTRAN (RNC, NodeB) and Core Network (3GMSC, HLR)
UMTS PS Call Processing on UTRAN (RNC, NodeB) and Core Network (SGSN, GGSN)
UMTS Operation & Maintenance
Strong UMTS test execution experience on
UMTS Network Level Test (Overall system experience)
Load Testing (KeyPerformanceIndicators, Load models, Load monitoring, Load generation, Analysis)
Stability Testing (Fault Insertion, System Monitoring)
Capacity & Performance Testing
Functional testing on System under load
Preferred Skills:
Testing experience in the mobile system network verification area
Practical experience in handling (set up and maintenance) of any mobile network simulators and wireless devices for 3G
Practical experience with network monitoring tools
Experience in localization, analyzing and error diagnostic
Practical experience in developing automated test systems for 3G network elements
Job responsibilities:
Preparation of test environment, including monitoring equipment, especially preparation, setup and maintenance of the load generator
Execution of test cases (functional, stability + performance)
Long Term Stability runs for O&M and CP
Fault Insertion to check Fault Tolerance of the System under test
Capacity and Performance test
Functional Tests (CP and O&M) on System under load
Examination of Key Performance Indicators KPI
Documentation of test results in Alcatel-Lucent’s Quality Data Base
Creation of MRs (if required) in Alcatel-Lucent’s MR system
Debugging in case of errors
Retest of fixed problems
Support preparation of progress reports and statistics
Wireless Testing & Development
Skills Required:
Wireless experience, clear case configuration Management
Education Details:
Skills Required:
C++, UMTS & GPRS Knowledge, Solaris, Vx works
Education Details:
GSM OMC Roles & Responsibility:technical lead or Senior Software Engineer for the GSM OMC-R project for Alcatel Lucent
Skills Required:
Education Details:
GSM knowledge & Network management System knowledge preferred. mandatory C/ C++ development experience required
Clearcase Roles & Responsibility:Woking as a Configuration Management Adminitrator for OMC-R project
Skills Required:
ClearCase Administartor with minimum 2 years experience. Experience in Multisite is preferred. Knowledge in scripting langauges like Shell, Perl,sed, awk is essential.
Education Details:
Minimum 2 years of experience in Clearcase administration on Unix platform is essential. Experience in Multisite concept is preferred. Knowledge in scripting language like shell, perl, sed, awk is essential
Wimax Requirement/Experience:
Requirement is for Senior Software Engineers / Technical Leaders (Development) with 3 to 6 years experience.
Mandatory Skills:
§ Strong development skills in C/C++
§ Design and development of Call Control applications for the wireless network.
§ Working experience in UNIX or Linux environment.
§ Knowledge of the one or more protocols like AAA, MIP, EAP, DHCP, GRE, IPSec, etc.
Wimax / GSM / UMTS
Preferred Skills:
§ Exposure to WiMAX standards and interfaces. Good understanding of the WiMAX Network Architecture.
§ Good understanding of ASN GW functionality.
§ Exposure to R3, R4 and R6 interfaces
§ Knowledge of SDL language, clearcase tools.
Job responsibilities:
§ Person will be responsible for Detailed Design, Development and UT testing for the ASN GW feature enhancements.
§ Active participation in the technical discussions and contributions to review of deliverables.
§ Interface with Customer technical teams on resolving technical issues, clarifications etc.

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